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“The best thing is when you are able to inspire others”

Inga has worked in several different positions at Cargotec, and appreciates the fact that her skills and effort have not gone unnoticed. Now she works as a Senior Manager for the Service and Process Automation team in Helsinki.

“I joined Cargotec in August 2010, and since then I have held five different roles. My work has been focused on developing our internal IT customer service center, and since August 2016, I have been working with robotics process automation.

It’s fantastic that the role of robotics for future business has been understood in our company. We want to be a leader in our industry in robotics, and the company is ready to invest significantly in developing our capabilities. We have already started our first development projects that will take us closer to our goal.

I am responsible for building a strong operational model and knowledge base for robotics. This is exactly what motivates me the most: developing, planning, and executing new concepts. The best part of my job is the moment when a concept becomes reality – the successful launch of a new service.

I am an engineer by education and that contributes to a very coherent approach to everything. I try to look at the topic from different angles and give room for innovation. It’s hard to know whether the chosen route is the right one for reaching the business goals, or if there could be an even better approach. This is something I think about often.

Visions and plans look easy on paper, but how do you get an organization, a team, and all the stakeholders involved to move to the same direction, with the same speed and enthusiasm. This is a definite challenge, and I’ve learnt that communicating actively is the key factor in leading a team.

I’m pleased to have been involved in many inspiring projects, and that I’ve been  given even more demanding roles. This has given me many opportunities to learn and grow, but the best thing is when you are able to inspire others!”