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Mega ships, stronger shipper alliances, standardised measurements... @MacGregorGlobal's Henri Paukku explores different ways to improve #vessel utilisation rate - and ultimately #sustainability in #shipping:


Increasing #vessel utilisation rate is key in improving #sustainability in #shipping. But first we need to define what we are actually measuring, says Henri Paukku from @MacGregorGlobal: #smarterbettertogether


Next week is results week - we are publishing our Q3 interim report on October 26 at approximately at 2.00 p.m. EEST. If you are interested in following our live webcast, you can find detailed instructions for joining from our press release: #CargotecResults


"What if the world's biggest container handling company didn't even touch physical containers?" asks @JariHoo from @Kalmarglobal. The €17B worth of inefficiency in container #logistics is also a golden business opportunity: #smarterbettertogether


Interested in following our Q3 results webcast? We are publishing our interim report on October 26 - see detailed information for joining the webcast and other Q3 communications: #CargotecResults


RT @FiskarsGroup: The official launch of the @globalcompact Network Finland took place today in Helsinki. Fiskars Group is in good company…

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