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Kuva - #SmarterBetterTogether Kuva - #SmarterBetterTogether

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How are @Kalmarglobal, @Hiabglobal and @MacGregorGlobal aiming to advance their #service businesses? The video sheds light on the question we often get from #investors:


This week, Cargotec IR organised a Service Day event in Helsinki, where Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor service business leaders presented growth prospects, recent development as well as achievements of each business. Read the IR blog for more details.


Cargotec's Navis cooperates with ZPMC to drive marine terminal performance, optimisation and automation:


MacGregor automated mooring solution for the world's first autonomous and zero-emission container ship Yara Birke...:


"Why do people do what they do?" Here it is - a fresh episode of the "Does #Leadership Matter" podcast with David Burnham from @BurnhamRosen out now! #smarterbettertogether

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